Quantum - 3 Day Course




The era of hustle, burn out, fake-it-til-you-make-it, adrenal fatigue, competition is OVER.

The era of being the embodiment of an elevated frequency and magnetizing our wildest dreams and desires by becoming an energetic match for them is HERE.

Hey friend.
Anna Lozano here,

Founder and serial entrepreneur, business mentor and your biggest cheerleader on your journey as a powerhouse woman, mama, business owner and CEO.

When I sold the company I co-founded, Love Powered Co., Healy landed in my awareness and presented itself as an invitation to be a part of a ground level opportunity launching Healy into the Canadian Market (expanding into Mexico soon!). 

I LOVE building businesses, incorporating new biohacking tools into our life, embodying my highest frequency, and mentoring women how to build multiple streams of wealth while stepping into their highest self - this invitation was a HOLY YES - a sacral activation.

Full disclosure, I had no plans whatsoever of launching another network marketing business. 

However, I knew that if I was going to build another Network Marketing company we were going to move fast and scale quickly (in full energetic alignment). The vision landed quickly: self-led leaders leading self-led leaders. 

And together with visionary women, we are creating the new paradigm of building heart-led businesses in full energetic alignment. 


Our Collective is a powerhouse, heart led community of self-led leaders leading self-led leaders from around the world that have locked arms together with a high-level vision of raising the frequency of the planet.

Together, we have over a century of entrepreneurial success under our belt and leveraging our zones of genius we have created a nurturing collective portal for the members who join The Frequency Collective to support your growth and expansion with ease.

Business gets to be fun, streamlined, and highly impactful. Our plug and play tools and resources along with the company provided tools will help you to start building your Healy business and sharing your impact right away.

This ground level opportunity, a category creating a unicorn product, paired with an incredibly supportive community of leaders, is truly what business dreams are made of!

The new paradigm of conscious wealth creation and quantum healing is here.

Are you ready to play in the quantum with us?