Quantum - 3 Day Course




Hey you, YES YOU!

I see you doing the thing – trying all the strategies, attending the free masterclasses, showing up in the Facebook communities…

And I get it. I’ve been there and done that.

And you know what, pat yourself on the back. Because it takes grit, commitment, a sacred devotion, and massive vision to continue showing up day after day as you build your business and set the foundations.

90-Minute Zoom Session $500

One Day of Voxer $500

2-Hour VIP Session in Kelowna $1250


Thank you Anna for a really fun Voxer coaching day. It felt so amazing to get my list of questions answered on the spot. Working with you is very inspiring and expansive. You just really bring so much joy and vibrant energy into the work! I love the approach you have to blend really solid strategy with beautiful energetics. Can’t believe how much we got accomplished in ONE day! Thank you so much for everything. I can’t wait to do it again soon!

- Kim Marshall, Founder Roots & Wings Childhood


Thank you so much for our Voxer day Anna! I feel like we covered A LOT in such little time. I have walked away with amazing ideas for content and feeling like I’m ready for massive expansion. I appreciate how you noticed subtle wobbles in things I said and kindly redirected me to fresh perspectives. Also - the fact that you’re my ideal client, I mean, who wouldn’t pay to have front row to a day of market research! This won’t be the last you hear from me!

- Ashley Vincent, Founder Ashley’s Light


A morning well spent with this beautiful soul Anna Lozano! If you’re looking for that person to have in your corner for personal &/or business growth with the experience, connections & systems in place to help bridge the gap of where you are right now to where you want to be, this is your girl!!  She’s a wealth of knowledge sharing strategies, bigger picture thinking, overcoming barriers and a growth mindset of getting outside your comfort zone, all while aligning a beautiful energy & frequency to your work!

- Michelle Gracey Vangeleuken, Founder Growing You


I highly recommend Anna. I had certain preconceptions with my business and was able to change my mindset in many ways thanks to her. She asked the right questions that made me evaluate the ways I was currently operating. Her vision, strategy, action steps and encouragement have all given me the confidence to move forward. Most importantly, I am ready to start being vulnerable and take risks. I found the zoom power session so valuable and cannot wait until the next one!

- Amanda Barrington-Foote, Founder Wild Abandon Jewelry & Glee Jewelry


90-Minute Zoom Session $500


One Day of Voxer $500


2-Hr VIP Session in Kelowna $1250