The Founders Frequency Pack

Frequency starts at the cellular level. Optimal health starts at the cellular level. Your health is the frequency, the domino that impacts everything in your life. Your frequency is your oxygen mask in life, business, motherhood and much more! Start treating it as such.


The Health Pak

The Founders Holy Grail, complete with total mind-body-soul frequency shifting formulations that will keep you healthy, strong, and vibrant daily! Includes core minerals, vita antioxidants, MagneCalD and AO booster more info here 


Your natural immune supporter meets glowing, healthy skin featuring grape seed extract and vitamin C as the co-founders. more info here


The power+speed rocket fuel your body desires. A potent combo of  powerful antioxidant protection with coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid, support cellular health and heart health, muscle function, and much more. more info here


Okay… need I say more? Brain health = memory collector, moneymaker, vision driver. Ditch the brain fog, maximize your mental performance, memory, alertness, and focus with a potent combination of three naturally-derived nootropics - American ginseng, bacopa and coffee Fruit extract. Take control of your cognition and reclaim your concentration. more info here

Mind Body Balance

Let’s face it, life happens, but Founders power pivot and adapt.. Let yourself be supported and balance your mind, body, and soul with this nourishing and healing adaptogen combination of saffron, lemon balm, and ashwagandha. Boosts healthy emotional responses, manages stress responses, and balances your mood, every single day, so you can continue to manifest your wildest dreams and blaze impactful trails! more info here